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Defiant Global Communications is a woman owned and operated business. Our team has 15+ years worth of experience building business software solutions that offer innovative, effective, and secure business communication platforms. We DEFY all communication barriers currently encountered in the market, while sticking to the Rules!

While maintaining PCI, HIPAA , NIST, and TCPA compliance, Defiant constantly updates and develops new business communication solutions for our clients.

Some of our Specialties include: Political Peer-to-Peer Texting, IVR Voice/Text solutions, and PCI compliant Payment Solutions for Healthcare, Government, and other businesses.

At Defiant our number 1 goal is to ensure that businesses of ALL sizes, big or small, have the access to the same tools, resources, and opportunities. With cost-effective, scalable, out of the box, and custom solutions, Defiant ensures budgets of all sizes get the same advantage.

If you don’t see the solution you are looking for, Defiant’s experienced team of in-house developers can custom tailor a solution that is right for YOUR business!

Defiant is all about finding solutions to your communication barriers!


“Defiant was a fantastic resource in our recent election - enabling me to reach all of our constituency efficiently and effectively. The system allows you to easily track, respond, analyze how your messages are reaching voters. Brad and Cindy were also key support and advisors in my first text campaign.


I won a seat in the race I was in, notably, and, was so pleased with how Defiant made a difference. I highly recommend that you check them out if you’d like a new tool in your campaign arsenal. Thank you Brad, Cindy and Defiant!” 


—  AMY E, Hawaii

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